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After serving from position 1, a player will rotate to position 6 (middle back), then to position 5 (left back), then to... Just remember that each player only rotates one time after the team gains possession of the serve; the next time each...

How do you rotate in volleyball?

For example, in rotation 1, player P3 must be to the left of the player on their right (P2), to the right of the player on their left (P4) and in front of the player behind them (P6). It doesn’t matter where players P1 or P5 are relative to them. Rotation 1. Here is a legal starting position for a team in rotation 1.

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Learn how to rotate in volleyball with this guide from wikiHow: https://www.wikihow.com/Rotate-in-Volleyball Follow our social media channels to find more in...

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Many of my athletes have not been involved in volleyball before they start with our program. This explains the basics of rotating and rotated positions.

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So with that being said where should you rotate to. Front Row. The outside hitter will always want to rotate to the 4 position ready to attack the ball. The opposite player will always want to rotate to the 2 position again ready to attack the ball or alternatively ready to set the ball if the setter takes the first pass. The middle hitter unsurprisingly will always want to rotate to the middle spot or the 3 position.

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When you rotate in volleyball your entire team moves clockwise, to one position or zone on the court . If you're in the back row each player moves into the next rotational position on their left. If you're in the front row each player moves into the next rotational position on their right.

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A volleyball rotation occurs when the non-serving team wins a rally. They earn a point, the right to serve and the right to rotate. The team that wins the right to serve at the end of a rally will rotate. The team that lost the point will not rotate. Front row players move one position to their right.

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There are two occasions where we rotate in Volleyball, the first occasion is when the team that is receiving wins the point from the serving team. When this occurs the receiving team that just won the point would rotate one position clockwise. This would mean the player at the back right position would rotate to the back middle position.