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Tennis World Tour for PlayStation 4 Reviews - Metacritic

Tennis world tour makes its first mistake in being difficult to understand through lackluster skill games that dont explain the mechanics enough(although the good players dont want them revealing the very fine details which will give us the slight edge in a game of tennis, but this game rewards the diligent that are willing to learn how to actually master it This game IS the true successor to Topspin, It feels like topspin except with the above mentioned improved AI.

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Tennis World Tour Review - Gamereactor - Video games, news ...

It's no coincidence that Pong came to be the first successful sports-based video game in the world. Even though it's technically based on table tennis, there's something brilliantly simple when two people face each other, pushing the paddles as quickly and accurately as possible so they can reach the ball and send it back in an attempt to beat their opponent.

Review: Tennis World Tour | GamingBoulevard

Tennis World Tour is a game people talked highly off, however with the poor quality of the game and design choices, the game creates a whole new “weak” standard for sports games. The game feels rushed, and it seems that the developers made this game to promote the next big tennis event, nothing more.

Tennis World Tour 2 Review - TheGamer

Tennis World Tour 2 is no doubt one of the most authentic virtual tennis titles available right now, but it comes with an incredibly steep learning curve that may turn off more casual players just looking for a fun tennis game. Top Spin For The Win. Tennis World Tour 2 is unapologetically tough, requiring players to truly understand the ins and outs of tennis to be effective during matches.

Tennis World Tour Review -- A Poorly Served Return of Pro ...

Tennis World Tour is a disappointment, plain and simple. It’s one thing to not have key features at launch, but the absence of solid gameplay puts the final nail in the coffin.

Tennis World Tour - Video Games Reviews & News - GameSpot

Read reviews and ratings of Tennis World Tour from our experts, and see what our community says, too! ... Hearing about a tennis video game being released after such a long wait got me really ...

Tennis World Tour 2 for Xbox One Reviews - Metacritic

Tennis World Tennis World Tour 2 is a tennis video game developed by Breakpoint Studio and published by Bigben Interactive and Maximum Games. Tennis World Tour 2 is now the best tennis game of the generation; a large improvement over the embarrassment of its predecessor that still had many issues after its launch patch. The best tennis video games offer addictive gameplay, and solid control and brilliant graphics.

Tennis World Tour Review (Xbox One) - YouTube

Tennis World Tour stands as the debut effort from Breakpoint Studio, a teambacked by talent who previously worked on the Top Spin franchise. With anin-depth ...

Our Impressions of Tennis World Tour - YouTube

Matthew Kato and Brian Shea sit down to talk about their experience playing Tennis World Tour over early footage of the title, which developer Breakpoint Gam...