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Bell was released 2014-05-16. Victorious Bell was officially featured in the Monthly Mobile Wallpaper of May 2019. Trivia. According to the Soccer Spirits art book, Bell is 20 years old. However, she says she's 54 years old in Niss Match Story. Patch History

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Weekly Player Discussion & Guide: Bell : soccerspirits

Bell is one of the fastest characters in the game - combined with some of Thunder's epic speed totems, she'll be outpacing any midline, and ensuring first steal (and most of the times, carrying it to the frontline as well). In my opinion, Bell gets to take the most actions here, so that's why I like this Bell the most.

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Lynbell. Beloved by Thanatos, Death himself, Lynbell shut her heart in grief after Thanatos took her brother away. It was only untill Veramod came to her and revived her dead soul that she could continue to live. Death is brought to its physical form by Lynbell. The god of death and the girl dance upon the field, showing no mercy to everything ...

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2020년 2월, 게임 사커 스피리츠에서 한정 판매를 한 전설 선수 벨루즈만의 라이브2D 스킨입니다.분위기에 취하여 부끄러워 하거나 다리를 쓸어 ...

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Welcome to the Soccer Spirits Wiki! Soccer Spirits is an Android & iOS sport card game by Com2uS and developed by BigBall Co. Ltd. Anyone can contribute and help our community! Soccer Spirits 5th Anniversary Special Full-Animation Revealed!

I have Bell but Anael popped up in scout. : soccerspirits

Anael is the best defender (Bell is a leader) and can only benefit your back line. If nothing else, you could put her in the mid line if it's lacking, too. 1. level 2. GunnyMcDword. Original Poster. 6 years ago. Yep Bell is a leader but she occupies the same role of elite backline line breaker. I suppose I could move either bell or Anael to ...

[Account Giveaway]Bell + Baltheon + Elaine + other goodies ...

Post your dream team including Bell, Baltheon and Elaine. Could be all of them on the same team or just one, doesn't matter, but one of them has to be in. I think that's easy enough so everyone can participate. As to how I'm gonna decide who wins, well, in the spirit of Soccer Spirits (?)

Soccer Spirit Guide for Players: Legends

Penetration power is important for William, but again he needs critical rate the most. 3. Jin. As the only Legendary GK, this Grandpa surely takes the role of the best GK in Soccer Spirits. However, as an old man, Jin also has some weakness that should be noted, too! However, indeed Jin is a great GK despite his age. :)