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Ernest Hall. The Ultimate Premier League Training Ground Quiz Brad Jones. How Much Do You Know About Being England Manager? Brad Jones. Is Will Grigg The Fire Of Your Heart - Or Do You Literally Want To Set Him On Fire? Johan Beornson. The Ultimate MLS Challenge: Match The Soccer Player To The Team Bones.

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Which Soccer Player Are You? You probably have great soccer talents, but not enough time nor the right opportunity to express them. Now it's time for you to discover which is the career that you missed!!

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If you are, you're still the goalkeeper. You're a defender! You're the last line between sanity and insanity. Keep the team together or risk squad meltdown. You're the midfield engine. Just keep running and chasing that little sphere all around. You're the forward! Goals are your business, and business is good.

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Messi. Messi. You are Messi! You love the game and you play for fun and for the team. For you, team victory is more important than your personal victory. Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo. You are Ronaldo! You are a great player, but very selfish.

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To play with you is an honor that people remember for the rest of their lives. Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi. You are the prodigy. A natural talent for whom the game is second nature. Manuel Neuer. Manuel Neuer. You are the perfectionist. Everything you do is done with a gold standard of excellence in mind.

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Club America. Club America. You are loud, proud and full of like. You are a BIG personality. Folks think you're an asshole, but they'll never say it to your face because you're also kind of a good time in the right mood. Sparta Prague.

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Find out your soccer identity. There are way to many quizzes for the men's team, so I made one for the women's.

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3. What is the place where soccer is played called? 4. A goal keeper (only the goal keeper) can always use his feet and what during game play? 5. A free kick for the ofense is called what when the ball is placed on a line inside the penalty box (the big box around the goal)? 6. When is a penalty kick given to the ofense?